The Auto Warranty sleaze

A month ago, we purchased my wife’s Acura off the lease. She’d done less than 30,000 miles in the three years she’d had it, there was nothing wrong with it, and there wasn’t anything available for the models she liked, in the colors and with the luxury level she was keen on. So rather than worry too much about that elusive new car, we just bought the current one off the lease. Maybe in a couple of years there’ll be something she likes and we’ll consider what to do then.

Anyway, this is not about that. This is about what happens next. Not sure how they find out, but the sleazy third-party auto warranty companies start mailing me.


Bucknall Mark?

In fact, a couple of days ago, I had five of these in my mail. Today’s letter prompted me to scan them and write this post.


Acura. Or maybe Audi?
BMW? One of those,
for sure.

As you read through them, you start to appreciate the utter garbage data they make up to put on paper. Some programmer somewhere wrote this really nifty random “Customer ID” generator using, like, numbers and letters in different combinations, and they’ve been using it ever since.


Why the quotes around the
additional features?

But they all have that wonderful typographical bold FINAL NOTICE, and the sheer urgency with which they entreat you to call their number, and yet they just don’t have the imagination to veer too far from the “industry standard” bogus text and tables.


This covers my platinum and powertrain

Postcards as well, of course. Goes without saying. None of them have any recognizable company name. In fact, you have to search the fine print to find any; the same fine print that sometimes states “not affiliated with any manufacturer or dealer”. But only sometimes: c'mon don’t judge, but it’s really hard to fit it all on the paper when you have tables and highlighting and words in all-caps and stuff.


Neither of these had a
company name

But that last scan takes the biscuit: two postcards in the same red, with the same exhortation to **Please Respond Within 5 Business Days**, with the same bogus information more or less. Different phone numbers on the back though. I do appreciate the attention to detail in printing a picture of an Acura with the first though, it almost swayed me. NOT.

Talking of phone numbers, do not under any circumstances call these phone numbers: 1-888-395-8636, 1-888-242-1777, 1-800-267-9566, 1-877-223-5210, 1-877-308-5832, or 1-800-293-5048. Well, unless you want to set up some extremely sketchy auto warranties with companies you’ve never heard of, that regularly get F from the BBB, that may or may not pay up if you have something to repair that should be covered by said warranty. I’ve helped you make the decision to not phone these numbers by linking each to the their Google results. The first link on each set of results is usually enough to persuade you to leave well alone.

Sleazy warranty offer


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38 Responses

#1 stephen e. hansen said...
22-May-16 4:19 PM

these operators are such bullshit, why cant the police lock them up?

#2 AK said...
10-Jun-16 9:25 PM

Another number - 1-888-714-4945.

#3 Don Campbrll said...
18-Jun-16 6:02 AM

Bought my Jeep less than 3 weeks ago and already getting good warned that my warranty is about to or may have already expired. REALLY.......

#4 Terrell Dismuke said...
06-Aug-16 4:00 PM

1-800-796-5105 1-800-264-3023 1-888-714-4945 1-877-223-5210

#5 ZHUO said...
24-Sep-16 7:06 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience. I received the same mail after purchasing a car. Now, let me throw it in trash.

#6 A.S said...
08-Nov-16 9:51 AM

I recently purchased a 10 year old Toyota and already receive these notices in the last week! I was getting worried as to what is the whole extended warranty scheme bah. I am so glad I googled and found your post on this, thanks!

#7 Moe said...
20-Nov-16 6:49 AM

I knew right away that this must be fraud. But two questions, why I do research on this and landed here: 1. How the hell do they get the addresses and other data? 2. How the hell can they try to fool you with the Coat of Arm of the US department of State (in my case) without getting locked up?

julian m bucknall avatar
#8 julian m bucknall said...
20-Nov-16 11:06 AM

Moe: Search me. Haven't a clue how they find out. I presume there's some kind of public-facing database, maybe on a pay-by-use basis. I'd have to say after a good year since I wrote this article, I still get a mailing about once a month (for either of our cars), and possibly a phone call every now and then. For the latter, it depends on how busy I am whether I string them along for a few minutes to waste their time.

Cheers, Julian

#9 MaMaXuXu said...
15-Jan-17 12:59 AM

United Auto Defense 97 Arco Drive St. Charles, Missouri 63033 1-800-796-5105



CLAIMS or DISCLAIMER: "In no way is United Auto Defense with the DMV, dealership, or manufacturer. All policies administered by Royal Administration and Marathon Group".

Further findings, please read: Link:


#10 Chad America said...
20-Mar-17 4:48 PM

Wow! I have been getting hammered with these too... Googled the number and stumbled upon this. I did correspond with *(1-888-35-8636) and I did call it to tell them that I did not own the truck with the "warranty experation notice" and an old F** guy named "Mark" said he "would take me off of the file". Now, I have heard that a new scam that tries to get you to say "Yes" can further compromise ones identity, leaving it liable to theft.... I had no choice but to confirm the "Customer ID #" and state my name when he asked. He said I have been removed. If I get one more thing I will be in touch with good attorneys in my network. Just sayin... Thanks for posting this whoever you are!!!

#11 John Davis said...
02-May-17 3:20 PM

Thanks for the information. I got three of these things in the mail and thought they might come from the car company, but then I noticed there were three different phone nos, so I googled and came across your post. Thank you! To the recycling bin I go!

#12 Pratheep said...
19-Jun-17 6:34 PM

Thanks for information.Got a card in the mail telling me my warranty about to expire. spam

#13 Sarah said...
09-Aug-17 8:14 AM

I got the little card in the mail two days ago and finally called this morning. What really made me mad was that the representative ("Jeremiah") wouldn't tell me the name of the company, and just kept asking me how I would like to pay. Ridiculous. That's when I hung up! The number was 1-888-714-4945

#14 Sean said...
25-Sep-17 6:28 PM

Thanks for the information. I got these spam a month later when I got my car.

#15 Eric said...
30-Sep-17 11:29 AM

I also received two of these green and yellow cards, feels wired. Thank you for this post! BTW, two of the tele#: 1-888-714-4945 1-877-545-2366

#16 Nancy said...
02-Oct-17 3:16 PM

I just got the first of what will probably be hundreds of these cards saying my warranty is about to expire. How did they find out somebody asked. Its obvious your state's Department of Motor Vehicles is selling lists of newly registered cars. Its the only way they could have known about my 12 year Pontiac that I just registered 12 days ago here in Kentucky.

#17 Matt said...
21-Nov-17 8:49 PM

Another of these numbers +877-545-2366

#18 John Rigali said...
24-Nov-17 9:39 PM

I bought a vehicle recently, and a postcard from the scamming entity at (888) 714-4945 (identified by AK and Terrell Dismuke above) postally arrived for me today. The firm identified itself as "Repair Service Center" on the postcard. Kudos to it for getting almost all of the details correct and not including a bogus table.

My wife still occasionally receives notices from these scamming entities for a vehicle that she bought over a decade ago and recently sold to another party.

I wonder if Ripoff Report ( has reports on these entities?

#19 Robert M said...
09-Dec-17 10:36 PM

I received one in the mail today. Phone number 1-888-395-8636 Post marked Springfield, MO.
No company name. It states that this is there final attempt to reach me but it’s the first notice I have received. This is definitely a scam!

#20 Tofa said...
19-Dec-17 12:33 PM

My best guess is that, the DMV (the official place, where you actually transferring your car's title) is selling or neglectfully NOT protecting your identity/information. I recently moved to another state and transferred my car's title. Two weeks later, I'm getting phone calls and those "Vehicle Alert Notice" scam letters. Very annoying at best. And if you think about it, scary at the same time. Since you need to get your vehicle documentation, license plates, etc (probably pay for it) and your "private" information is out there to use by anyone, who's interested scamming you.

#21 Jonny Rocket said...
08-Jan-18 6:34 PM

they search state databases of new car regs. totall illegal.

#22 Ben said...
14-Jan-18 5:38 PM

Got three this past week. Same bull about a platinum and powertrain coverage. Each had different phone numbers: 800-827-2926, 888-582-6870, 877-545-2366.

Good luck!

#23 Nan Fan said...
03-Apr-18 3:23 PM

received one of these cards also with a phone# 877-376-2402

#24 Rydberg said...
23-Apr-18 2:24 PM

Have been getting these cards for years.... Latest tel. # is the one posted by Nan Fan.

Since I got a postcard through the mail, I'll see if the postal inspectors can get them for mail fraud.

#25 Ted Ski said...
24-Apr-18 12:37 PM

I just started getting the mailings (1-877-376-2402) but I have gotten the phone calls. When they call I ask for the company name and then the caller's full name. When they question why I am asking for their full name I simply tell them that I need their full name for the harassment lawsuit I am filing with my attorney and "oh, by the way, this conversation is being recorded for evidence". I always manage to hear the click when they hang up. I have also used that for other telemarketers which call even though I am on the Do Not Call list.

#26 Kelly Nice said...
04-May-18 6:35 AM

I got a letter too. I knew it looked fishy. Damn scammers. Glad I looked up the number. Thank you so much.

#27 Keith S said...
05-May-18 8:29 AM

Got one of these urgent postcards today 5-5-18 saying I have 5 days to respond. Yet this so called offer expires 5-15-18. It appears they don't know how to count. No company name anywhere but it has a prepaid postage stamp from Sacramento, CA. The phone number listed is 1-877-376-2402 which I did NOT call. Thanks to whoever started this thread.

#28 Clare said...
07-May-18 12:44 AM

I've been getting numerous phone calls from these jerks, sometimes twice a day. They don't speak good English and are hard to understand. When I ask for their name and the name of the company, they hang up. Then a few days ago, I received a postcard saying "THIS IS YOUR FINAL NOTICE." with my name, address, type of auto and a customer ID number for all to see. It says to call 1-877-376-2402 It says to call between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm CST. So I'm assuming it came from somewhere in the CST zone, although the Postage Paid Stamp says Sacramento, CA.

#29 Jeremy said...
08-May-18 1:40 PM

Have received at least one call a week for the last 4 weeks and several notices. All regarding my Ford Fusion. The last Ford product I owned was a 1989 Crown Vic. The number on the card 1 877 376 2402

#30 Susan said...
10-May-18 2:24 PM

Also got a card with number 1 877 376 2402 on it。

#31 Car owner said...
18-May-18 9:14 AM

I CAME IN HERE IN THE HOPES THAT I WOUKD FIND SOMEONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY USED THEM. All I’m reading is a bunch of people writing that they received a post card and so it MUST be a scam. I received it too, but I honestly need a service like this that they say they are offering , just reluctant to pay the upfront fee they insist must Ben made before any coverage can start 1000 driven Miles later . Can anyone tell me if they atleast live up to what they claim ? Full Warranty on a used vehicle for a monthly rate .

#32 preb said...
20-May-18 5:33 PM

We got a post card from them for a car we do not own------call 1-877-3746-2402---scam------Our new car is still under warranty----

#33 The Skeptical1 said...
23-May-18 2:23 PM

Yeah, I got one of their little "postcards" in the mail this morning - for a Hyundai - which I don't own, and will never own. I was feeling a little estrogen challenged this morning and decided to call and mess with this woman who answered the phone. She kept trying to get me to give her the claim number on the postcard, and I kept saying, "A Hyundai? Why for the love of GOD a Hyundai. Man, I am way cooler than a Hyundai. Did you know that I have never owned a foreign-produced vehicle? As a loyal Ford Motor Company customer, I find this just beyond insulting."

She finally cuts me off and tells me the postcard is meaningless. They're soliciting customers for extended warranties.

I feel my true purpose in life rush to the fore. "Ma'am," I say, "Do you realize that by sending out these false notices that you are scaring people into thinking they are the victims of identity theft? I'm not sure that's legal. I mean, I'd have to do some research into the local laws and statues here, but I feel fairly confident that at the very least there is some fraud going on here--"


And THAT is how a vegetarian enjoys SPAM for breakfast!

#34 Teresa said...
30-May-18 12:23 PM

I had got one of these in the mail yesterday and decided to Google about it. I had a feeling it was a scam. Thanks!!

#35 BradB said...
22-Jun-18 8:25 AM

I think we should some of us should get together and form a website to combat these people directly. If we can find (by subpeona) which call centers they use and (if they are in the US or UK) subpeona them for their phone records we could class-action them or maybe just disseminate the info and each of us sue them in small claims (in the US it's $500-$1500/call if you are on the no call list).

I've found the only info is on the cards they send, which is a Sacramento CA bulk mail permit number of #1935. I've tried to get my local post office to tell me who owns it (I'm in WI, USA) but they won't give out that info w/o a subpeona. I know they might get my info from DMV or even the Honda. They could also get it if you stay in a hotel. Most know your name and the make/model and license plate of your car.

#36 BradB said...
22-Jun-18 8:48 AM

oddly they called just now and i got to the sales person. He (Arthur) said he was from Red Auto Protection. Here is their site.
I will be looking into trying to get their pone/call center records. The call was initiated by a female that spoke with a mid-east accent so their centers may not even be in the US.

#37 Matt said...
31-Oct-18 8:36 AM

Agreed! Let's get some money from these guys. I called and they are trying to get me to give a credit card over the phone. They said if I hung up I would lose the rate and that they couldn't email me any details until after I purchased.

I have made it my goal to take these people down, one lawsuit or multiple prank calls at a time. Hint: it is really fun to prank call them and mess with the coverage.

#38 Martha said...
14-Nov-18 5:15 AM

Thank you for the info. I have gotten several of these as well since my auto purchase.
I totally agree that the police should least mail fraud department!

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