The Daily Shoot 123

The next assignment from the Daily Shoot was “Find something that's so old it's almost timeless and make a photograph of it.” (Thursday, March 18, #ds123)

I didn’t want to go the old calculator or slide rule route again. Perhaps the Curta? The objection to that was it’s a little weird and, although of its time, not really ‘timeless’ per se. Nothing for it, then, but this...

The Saint's Volvo 1800S

The Saint's Volvo 1800S

This is the celebrated Corgi The “Saint’s” Car, the Volvo 1800S, No. 258. Now hard to come by, but this is mine from when I was a kid watching Roger Moore on the telly in The Saint, in the 60s. By gum, he had a fabulous car. When I was older, much older, I bought a real one, red. And, no, unfortunately it didn’t have the Saint logo on the bonnet. But it was just as fabulous.

Here’s the box cover (courtesy of, I can’t find my box just at the moment):

Box for Corgi 258 (The Saint's Car)

Box for Corgi 258

Album cover for Songs 1993-1998Now playing:
Moby - Go
(from Songs 1993-1998)

Box for Corgi 258 (The Saint's Car)

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