The Daily Shoot 124

Due to work and the crappy weather outside on Friday, March 19, I was late with this one from the Daily Shoot (#ds124) and so it was rushed. “Change your angle today. Make a photo from 1’ (30 cm) off the ground and post it.”

I quickly set up the tripod about a foot up from the level of the landing and took a picture of my little ‘fiction’ bookcase.

Bottom shelf

Nothing too brilliant; in fact, just mundane. Mind you, you can see some of the authors I’ve enjoyed recently: Mankell, Rankin, Pratchett, Lodge, Banks. Although you can’t see them properly, underneath the Lodge and Mankells are a couple of Astérix and Tintin.

Album cover for Beggar on a Beach of GoldNow playing:
Mike + the Mechanics - Over My Shoulder
(from Beggar on a Beach of Gold)

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