The Daily Shoot 138, 144, and 152

For personal reasons, I’ve been unable to really keep up with The Daily Shoot over the past three or four weeks. I’m ready to step back into the fray again and in order to ready myself for the  next set of assignments, here are the last three I attempted.

For Friday 2 April (#ds138) the task was “Make a fashion photo today: a person modeling clothing, the clothes in your closet, an accessory that defines you, etc.”. I was somewhat late with this and so it wasn’t great:

Accessories box

Essentially a quick shot of my wife’s jewelry box. A bit muddy, methinks.

For Thursday 8 April (#ds144) I was actually first (“First!”), since I took it in the morning UK time. The task? “Put down your big, fancy camera today. Fully engage your artistic side by making a photo with minimal gear.” So, I took a shot of the new stump in my parents’ front lawn with my iPhone:


All I can say is, wow, editing a JPG with Adobe Lightroom is a different job than starting with my usual Canon RAW file. You can tell the original’s a JPG, that’s all I’ll say, but maybe it was the iPhone’s app that emails photos that was the problem.

For Friday 16 April (#ds152), the assignment was “Bright, vivid colors can draw attention and add "pop" to a photo. Make a photo that has vivid colors today.” Armed with my Canon Rebel XTi again, I hit the drive (literally) and shot the daffodils from ground level:

Yellow blast

The shot turned out pretty ordinary in the end, but I do love the daffs in April in England.

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