The Daily Shoot 135

A couple of days after the last Daily Shoot, I was again inspired to pick up the camera. The assignment for Tuesday March 30 (#ds135) was “Today's theme is the color green. Make a photograph dominated by green and post it.”

This time it was Perseus’ turn in front of the camera. There’s a wing chair our cats love to sleep on since it gets the sun in the morning. We’ve tried to protect it by putting a green towel over the fabric and a cat pad for them to sleep on. Without this elementary precaution, the chair would be covered with cat hair.

Perseus asleep

I like this photo for the big splashes of color: green, white and orange.

Perseus has certainly grown by the way. He’s now 18 months old and this is what he looked like when he first moved in, November 2008:

Perseus joins the other two

(The other two are Eurydice on the left and Aristaeus on the right, both 14 years old this year. On another cat pad, this time on the sofa. Again protected by a towel.)

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