Party Shuffle Friday

Haven't done one of these for a long while, a Party Shuffle Friday, so I refreshed the iTunes DJ a few times to come up with this selection of 10 tracks. Maybe I can entice my party crowd back.

Win Some, Lose Some, by Williams, Robbie, from I've Been Expecting You. This was the first Robbie Williams album I bought (the James Bond looking one), and all told I enjoy it very much. This particular track starts off with a plaintive girl crying "Love you, Baby" very faintly. Then it turns into a rocky ballad about young love, love with an Essex flavor I think but that might be my own history coming through, love that eventually dies.

The Man With the Child in His Eyes, by Bush, Kate, from The Whole Story. A very quiet song about a boyfriend who is childlike in many ways. However, it's not clear whether this boyfriend is real or just in the imagination of the narrator. You get the feeling that she's a teenager perhaps, making him up.

I Missed Again, by Collins, Phil, from Face Value. From Collins' first album, another slow song. This one's about rejection or perhaps unrequited love.

The Power of Love, by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, from Bang!...The Greatest Hits of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Bloody brilliant song, originally from Welcome to the Pleasuredome, of course, the last song on the second LP. In the UK, the single came out at Christmas and the video had the band as the Three Wise Men in a Christmas nativity scene. A really good ballad, with Holly Johnson doing the music proud. "I'll protect you from the hooded claw / Keep the vampires from your door." Still gives me the shivers.

Under Ether, by Orzabal, Roland, from Tomcats Screaming Outside. Orzabal is one the Tears for Fears guys, and this is his only album under his own name. Thrumming ominous bass with tune picked out on electric guitar, the lyrics about how we all seem to be doped asleep with the world going to hell in a hand basket. Chilling.

Price of Love, by Ferry, Bryan, from Let's Stick Together. Possibly Ferry's best solo album for me. This track is a cover of the Everly Brothers hit. Ferry gave it up tempo beat, with some Spanish flamenco influences in the horns. The video even had Jerry Hall in it: Ferry had just started dating her if I recall. Brilliant stuff.

Tomorrow Never Knows, by The Beatles, from Revolver. My personal favorite Beatles album, but the wackiest track with all of its recordings of musical instruments played backwards, and the sitars to provide that Indian feel. Very psychedelic. Incidentally, Phil Collins covered it at the end of Face Value.

Don't Turn Around, by Ace of Base, from Greatest Hits. The other Swedish band, the one with better percussion, electronica, and beats. Nice boppy beat to this one, was released as a single.

Euroboy, by Pet Shop Boys, from Alternative. Awesome track, not on their studio albums, never unreleased as a B-side (it's initial release was on Alternative, I think). Disco beat, very ominous Russian sound to the chorus, with Neil singing over the top "You wanna lover, you wanna another lover". Brilliant.

Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I), by Yazoo, from Upstairs at Eric's. Alison Moyet on vocals, Vince Clarke playing his synthesizers like a madman. Just makes you want to move in rhythm.

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