Firefox 3.6 and S3Fox

A quick warning for those who use the S3 Firefox Organizer in Firefox on Windows and are contemplating upgrading to the new Firefox 3.6: S3Fox does not yet work in Firefox 3.6 and is automatically disabled when you upgrade.

UPDATE: S3Fox has now been updated (v 0.4.9) to support Firefix 3.6 (8-Feb-2010).

I got bitten by this issue with my last blog post since I'd updated my main machine with Firefox 3.6 on the day of release. Luckily I hadn't upgraded my laptop and so was able to use that one's S3Fox to upload the image from the post.

Xmarks, Firebug and FireFTP, the other Firefox add-ins I mainly use, all seem to work just fine. I dare say a fix for S3Fox will soon be available.

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#1 Andy said...
23-Jan-10 2:56 AM

Check out my very own tool CloudBerry Explorer that helps manage S3 on Windows . It is a freeware. (while firefox is not working with the new browser)

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