New front lenses for the Volvo 1800S

At the weekend, the weather was warm enough to wash the Volvo. I remarked to myself – as I have done in the past – that the lens covering the indicators and side lights at the front were a little crazed and the color was getting leached out. They are the original Lucas lenses so they are getting on a bit (48 years old this year, in fact). I found some new remanufactured ones on eBay, ordered them (the price wasn’t too bad: around $60 each), and they came today. As it’s still lovely weather, I just fitted them.

Here’s the old lens for comparison (click to enlarge and see the plastic crazing):

The old lens (before)

And here’s the new lens (no longer Lucas-made, but what the hey, even the headlights are remanufactured Sylvanias):

The new lens (after)

And here’s the front of the car after I quickly polished the front bumpers to remove the dust:

Both lenses replaced


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