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PCPlus 317: Optimise your web pages

Although this article appeared in January 2012, I wrote it in November the previous year. How do I know? Because I talk about the Kindle Fire I’d just received (I’d pre-ordered it) and about the Amazon Silk browser. In essence I wanted to talk about how Silk optimized (or not – it gets very subjective) the display of web pages. […]


Review of APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book

Given the links on my site, it should come as no surprise to you that I have written a technical book, originally for a publisher, and then, once the copyright reverted to me, re-published by myself, first as a physical print-on-demand book, and then as an ebook. […]


PCPlus 316: What is crypto-currency?

I’ve just reread this article and, damn, it’s interesting. I recall it being fun to write as well. In essence, I go from the properties of real money – cash is a physical object (coin, banknote), it’s really hard to clone these physical objects, and transactions with cash are anonymous and untraceable – to thinking about a digital representation of cash – it’s not physical but a collection of bits, unless we take care it’s really easy to clone it like any digital file, and how the heck do you “transfer” it from buyer to seller anonymously? […]


Kindle Fire HD with the Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard

Just after Christmas I splashed out a few thousand miles from my United MileagePlus account on a new Kindle Fire HD 7, the 32GB edition. Unlike the older (well, a mere 12 months older, if that) Kindle Fire, the new Fire HD has more of the trappings that make a good tablet: lighter, thinner, better screen, more memory, camera, faster WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, and so on. I’d bought one of the original Kindle Fires when it first came out, and it turned into my favorite entertainment tablet even though it was severely hobbled with regard to what you might term basic functionality. […]


Fishing expeditions and 404s

Kind of scary, but I’ve been using GraffitiCMS from the very early days when Telligent had it in beta, to the point when I plonked down $99 to buy it, through to today’s version which is open-source. That’s five-plus years, folks. There’s virtually no support or plug-ins for it any more, but it’s pretty easy to write your own anyway. It’s just ASP.NET with a few libraries. […]


Going for a beer in Atlanta

On Sunday I went for a beer and a couple of pulled pork sliders in Atlanta. There and back again in a day just for a Sam Adams, so it wasn’t like it was a great beer calling to me. To top it off, the sliders gave me barbequed eructations, so the poor woman sitting next to me on the way back certainly deserved a medal. Since no one in their right mind goes to Atlanta for beer – it is the home of Coca-Cola after all – there must have been a better reason underlying it all. […]


Potpourri for December 2012

Over the past month or so, I’ve gathered a few links to interesting topics which I tweeted about at the time. Since Twitter is so evanescent, I thought I’d gather them in a post here on my blog, which is a little more long-lasting. That way, I can find them again when I need them. I’ll publish a similar list at the end of every month; indeed, because of this, I’ll probably tweet more of these interesting links. […]