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eBay and RSS feeds for searches

Regular readers may know I collect old calculators (mostly 30-year-old HPs, but I do look for some other makes too). One of the best places to find them is eBay, but it’s counter-productive to go visit eBay every day to search, especially for some of the rarer ones that only come up once every couple of months, if that. Hence, for the longest time, I’ve made use of eBay’s facility for generating RSS feeds on the fly of various search terms. I then subscribe to these searches as RSS feeds in Google Reader. If something pops up in one of the searches, I get to see it pretty well immediately. Using this technique, *cough, cough*, I’ve even snagged some great “underpriced” Buy-It-Now (BIN) items as soon as they appeared. […]


Using Markdown in Sublime Text 2 on Windows

I’m currently writing a series of articles that will be published as a set of (fairly) static webpages, not blog posts. So I can’t really use Windows Live Writer and consequently started off using Microsoft Word. The biggest problem with Word in this scenario is that, when you save a document as HTML, it produces the ugliest markup ever, even worse than FrontPage of old. In fact, there are whole collections of utilities out there that just strip the fugly markup out, just to give you a passing chance at getting reasonable HTML. […]


Control who you are on the web

Way back in 2008, a new site started up called Posterous, and it was designed to make it easy to create a simple blog. The way to publish to the site was easy too: just email your thoughts and photos to a special Posterous email address and it would do the rest. I snagged in 2009 and experimented with a workflow that allowed me to tweet short thoughts on Twitter, longer – but relatively quick – thoughts on Posterous, and the much bigger articles on this blog. […]


Best of Young British Novelists 1983

Recently one of my favorite authors, Christopher Priest, discovered a stash of first editions of three of his novels, including the one that had the most effect on a much younger Bucknall, The Affirmation. (I reviewed it here, and reviewed Priest’s latest, The Islanders, set in the same fictional place, here. I’d forgotten until just now but I’d reviewed another of his novels, The Prestige, here.) He offered these first editions up for sale on his blog at very reasonable prices so I jumped on it and bought a copy of The Affirmation from 1981. (I have this vision of these books being discovered hidden deep within a boxroom, a quintessentially English place and nothing so banal as a basement where most of my books are stored.) […]


Potpourri for January 2013

Another entry in my series of “fragrant dried leaves in a pot” (English version), or “rotten stuff in a pot” (French literal translation): in other words, stuff I found interesting in the past month and tweeted or Facebooked. […]