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Sint-Annatunnel, the Antwerp Underpass

This week is Techorama, a developer conference in Antwerp. I’m here helping out at the booth, but because of travel requirements, making sure I was here on time, etc, I arrived in Antwerp the day before. Time to be a tourist, especially as I couldn’t check into the hotel until 3pm. One of the sights I had decided last week to see for myself was the pedestrian tunnel, Sint-Annatunnel (Saint Anna’s Tunnel), that goes underneath the River Scheldt from one bank to the other. Useful stats It is pretty...


CORS and MIME types

Direct, it seems, from the pit of “Code bugs only manifest themselves when you least expect them” horrors, comes this doozy. If you have read a couple of recent blogs posts you’ll know that I’ve been slowly, step by step, making my various domains secure. (This one is the worst offender, but is also going to take the most effort because of *cough* GoDaddy *cough*, and its peculiar rules regarding SSL certificates.) One of the recent ones was my URL shortening domain . Five years ago, I wrote...


IBM System/38 Keyboard Templates

It’s well past time for a rave from the grave, methinks. About a year or so ago, we’d bought our new house and were starting to work out what we should keep when we moved. I had several boxes that I’d shipped from England after my parents had died, and It Was Time To Sort Their Contents Out. And in one of them I found this fun little gem: The IBM System/38 Keyboard Template. CPF function keys Way back when, before I got my kick programming PCs, I used to write programs for an IBM System/34 and then...


Shoestring: the full series

Suddenly, after many, many years, the BBC announced that complete set of Shoestring was finally going to be released on DVD. And so it came to pass in October last year. I put in my order chez , and it finally arrived on my doorstep. From the initial release of the first series (which I’d bought), it had taken some six years for that second series to be released on DVD, and I wasn’t going to let the fact that I had to buy the complete set deter me. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised...