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GoDaddy shared Windows hosting compromised

A week or so ago, I talked briefly about some issues I was having with this blog and my previous static site on GoDaddy’s shared Windows hosting (the Deluxe version if you’re interested). It involves mysterious PHP files and modifications to my web.config files. Background For me GoDaddy shared Windows hosting has always been about hosting my blog on an IIS instance. The blog is an ASP.NET application called GraffitiCMS, open-sourced a few years back , although I’ve now altered the code quite a bit...


Scammy auto warranties, part 4,268 (approx)

Amazingly, my most popular post here on my blog has nothing to do with algorithms or data structures or Javascript or indeed anything to do with programming. It’s a post I whipped up 3 years ago about buying my wife’s Acura off the lease and then getting bombarded with dodgy and scammy “Auto Warranty” postcards and letters. Well, it happened again. Not because of buying a car off a lease, but even better. Quick bit of background: a month or so ago, my wife was called out to Fountain, which is just...


Securing, part 1: static sites

Sounds simple, right? After all, I’ve babbled on about how to secure your web sites this past few months, both for AWS and Azure , so it should be a piece of cake for Right? Well, unfortunately, no. Thing is, I bought 20 years ago in November, and, after using TDMWeb (which was owned by the publisher/editor of The Delphi Magazine , for which I wrote algorithm articles) as hosting for a while, I switched to GoDaddy . And then proceeded to mess things up by taking advantage of...