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Opening QFX files with Microsoft Money

OK, OK, OK, I know. I should have moved on from an over-a-decade-old program to some other personal finance app, especially when it’s time to set up a new PC to run it. But, to be honest, the alternatives are just crap (one, two, three). I tried, but they’re awful. […]


Propagating a DNS change … Slowly

I’ve bought a couple of .com domains recently from Namecheap, essentially as ‘placeholders’ in some sense, and such that I would be hosting them purely as single-page static sites on AWS. Dead cheap, I must say, they were around $45 each for five years. And, to be honest, the ten or so static sites I host on AWS that make use of S3, Route 53, CloudFront, and Lambda only cost around $5 a month from Amazon. So, basically free, and adding a couple more domains isn’t going to make any difference. […]


Microsoft Arc Mouse – the older one

OK, I admit it: I’m behind the times, but my fave mouse ever since it first came out is the Microsoft Arc Mouse. It was replaced four or five years ago by the Arc Touch Mouse and I’ve tried that one several times but it and I don’t get along. The older one, though? Like a house on fire. I’ve worn several out and have just about managed to find replacements: new ones in their original boxes sometimes come up on eBay. […]