Writing an Archive Calendar, part 4a

OK the first bug I reported to myself in the previous post was trivial to fix. I changed the PostReader class to add a couple of new methods GetFilteredPostsForMonth():

    public static PostCollection GetFilteredPostsForMonth(int year, int month) {
      return GetFilteredPostsForDate(year, month, 0);

and GetFilteredPostsForDate():

    public static PostCollection GetFilteredPostsForDate(int year, int month, int day) {
      PostCollection posts = GetPostsForDate(year, month, day);
      PostCollection filteredPosts = new PostCollection();
      foreach (Post post in posts) {
        if (RolePermissionManager.GetPermissions(post.CategoryId, GraffitiUsers.Current).Read)
      return filteredPosts;

Notice that what gets cached is the complete set of posts for the period (it's done in GetPostsForDate()), not the filtered set.

And then I changed the Chalk-visible GetPostsForMonth() and the GetPostsForDay() methods to call these new internal methods instead.

    public PostCollection GetPostsForMonth(string yearAsString, string monthAsString) {
      int year, month;
      GetDateParts(yearAsString, monthAsString, out year, out month);
      return PostsReader.GetFilteredPostsForMonth(year, month);

    public PostCollection GetPostsForDay(string yearAsString, string monthAsString, string dayAsString) {
      int year, month, day;
      GetDateParts(yearAsString, monthAsString, dayAsString, out year, out month, out day);
      return PostsReader.GetFilteredPostsForDate(year, month, day);


Now, onto paging...

(Part 1 is here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here, part 4a here, part 4b here.)

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