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Bye-bye, MacBook Pro; Hello, Dell XPS 15z

After some 8 months of really trying to use it as my main machine for everything I do, I’m converting my MacBook Pro back into a Mac OS X only machine. In replacement, I just received a Dell XPS 15z. […]


PCPlus 296: How to find a face

For the July 2010 issue, something rather cool: face detection. How does a program (such as that one in your point-and-click camera) work out from an image whether there is a face in it, and if so where it is? […]


JavaScript for C# programmers: wrapping an existing function to add extra functionality

I was answering a JavaScript question on stackoverflow when a common usage scenario presented itself, one with a subtle gotcha that could catch you out. Perfect for a quick blog post. (Note: you could also view this post as an adjunct to my popular JavaScript callback posts (I, II, III).) […]


Adding sharing links to the blog–JavaScript edition

The story so far: in essence I’ve added AddThis and Google +1 support to this blog using their “simple” markup. Unfortunately, the simple way breaks XHTML validation using the W3C validator because of the non-standard attributes (addthis:url, addthis:title) and elements (g:plusone). As I said previously, time to break out the JavaScript. […]


Adding sharing links to the blog

Up to now, I’ve used an old plug-in to GraffitiCMS to serve up a set of sharing buttons on this blog. Old as in the code used to have (until I took it out) a link for Furl – remember that? No, I don’t either. […]


Volvo Club of America National Meet 2011

On Saturday 18 June, I attended the VCOA (Volvo Club of America) National Meet in Lindsborg, Kansas, to show off 64SAINT, my Volvo 1800S. […]


PCPlus 295: Raytracing revealed

This article followed on from the previous, as it happened. You see I’d painstakingly drawn the figures for the pentominoes article in Adobe Illustrator and I got to wondering if there was an easier way to create them. I half-remembered about ray-tracing (my friend Duncan had created some great images a while back) and so I looked it up. A couple of links later I had POV-Ray downloaded and installed and was playing around. Naturally, the ray-traced image I spent most time on for this article was an image showing a pentomino solution. I even wrote about it on this blog at the time. […]


EZDSL for Delphi XE

Just a quick one: I’ve updated EZDSL to support Delphi XE. Seeing as I only have Delphi XE installed these days, this is the only compiler I can now certify as working with EZDSL. I guess the earlier ones will still work just fine, but I no longer have the time or the will to check. […]