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Roger Moore as male knitting model

It’s a little known fact that Roger Moore (he of the James Bond movies in the 70s and 80s and The Saint in the 60s) started out as a male model before he started to become more famous. As such, he was renowned for appearing in knitwear shots (to the extent of being known as ‘The Big Knit’) in the early 50s. […]


Retro camera: Fujica ST605N

The last couple of weeks has been spent sorting out stuff from my parents’ house. Some to be shipped here to the States, some that my sister was taking, some Victoriana (mostly furniture) to be auctioned off, and the rest to be disposed of. One of the things from my past that I found was my first 35mm SLR camera. […]


The Daily Shoot 138, 144, and 152

For personal reasons, I’ve been unable to really keep up with The Daily Shoot over the past three or four weeks. I’m ready to step back into the fray again and in order to ready myself for the  next set of assignments, here are the last three I attempted. […]


The Daily Shoot 135

A couple of days after the last Daily Shoot, I was again inspired to pick up the camera. The assignment for Tuesday March 30 (#ds135) was “Today's theme is the color green. Make a photograph dominated by green and post it.” […]


The Daily Shoot 133

To take my mind off my other news for today, let’s quickly write up my photo for the next Daily Shoot assignment, the one for Sunday 28 March (#ds133). The task? “Sunday Challenge: Backlighting in a scene can create drama. Make a photo with interesting placement of backlit subjects.” […]


Bye, Mum

To say that the last three to four months have been grim is to understate it somewhat. On 13 December last year, in the middle of the night, Dad had a cardiac arrest and, being Dad, did nothing about it until the next morning when finally he was rushed to hospital. He died a week later of another heart attack, on 21 December. […]